donderdag 9 december 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Notes from the Universe. Every morning, around 9 I get a small sweet note from the Universe. You should subscribe too! It’s free and will make you smile and sometimes go “aww, Universe!” <3.

Metro Weird. Man Can’t get Rid of Pigeon Pal, Horror as Rudolph the Reindeer explodes during Parade, Graduate Moves Into Egg to Save Money on Rent. All titles of funny, endearing and very weird news. Balance out the regular news with this and your view of the World will be loads better and probably a bit more realistic.

Cycling to work. Even though it’s cold, cycling to work wakes me up every morning and gives me an essential dose of endorphins to start the day with a ‘yey!’.

Picture by Sammie Caine

Snow, real snow. It’s officially Winter when it’s snowing. Snow is especially awesome when you have nowhere to go. Go out in your oversized snow boots and comfy leggings or don your woodsy winter hat and take pictures, make snow Angels or a snow man friend. Or be extra romantic: dress warm , and just lay down with your lover in the snow and watch the flurries fall from the sky and drink hot coco. Do NOT try walking barefoot in the snow. I tried this once and it’s extremely unpleasant.

Picture by Cari Ann Wayman

Fantasy or fake fur. Those ridiculous big fake fur hats, fluffy coats, mittens that make your hands look like paws – rawr! Fake fur will keep you just as warm and looks just as pretty as real fur. It will make you look even more beautiful because you will not be responsible for the killing of cute fluffy critters.

And last but definitely not least: being able to interview Cari-Ann Wayman, better known as the Little Wild Girl or yyellowbird. The girl who makes abandoned places come to life with her pictures. The interview will be online on Friday. 

And a bunch of smaller things:
The mailman strike in Holland, because we love getting mail and they really do deserve better! The crazy pretty fabric I ordered on Etsy from Silkfabric (I also bought awesome metal vintage buttons with military crests on them). Being able to watch as many episodes of Project Runway I want, because I caught on to the hype way too late. Seeing Leah Michelle wear 'my' Reindeer sweater on Glee, after tweeting last week I felt I looked like her (I swear Glee is stealing my look). Buying really cheep Catrice nail polish, wearing Run Forest Run! green right now. Going on an interview for an internship at L'Officiel and getting good luck wishes from my family and friends. Putting a portfolio together for this interview in less than a day, that turned out pretty decent. Buying last month's magazines for cheaps at American Book Center. My really comfy and grey Monki sweater. Discovering CODE magazine and getting a Traveler's Notebook with a subscription (I just LOVE notebooks). Belle and Sebastian are coming to Holland in April. Christmassing up the house. Handsome men from '50's movies, they are the best men ever. Being able to think of so many things I liked this week!

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