vrijdag 31 december 2010

My year in pictures and words

It's the end of the year already, so we thought it would be nice to make a year post. This was my year in pictures and words! I hope everyone had a great year, will have an awesome new years eve and an even better new year!

Where I went:
Berlin; Medebach-Titmaringhausen (Germany); Brugge; Antwerpen; Maastricht.
I need to travel so much more, next year I really want to leave Europe again!

Things I did:
Set up this blog with Lotte and Angelika; Having a job interview at L’Officiel; Listen to all the albums in the RYM top 100 of all time; Tried to read Swann’s Way by Marcel Proust in one week (and failed); Make quizzes with my friends for each other about our own area of expertise; Playing Buzz with Lotte and Ewout; Helping my mom move out of my parents house after they got divorced; Getting photoshop lesions from Lotte; Going to Paranormal Activity 2 on Halloween with my boyfriend and being really scared all night; Bought really fancy champagne for new years; Going out with Lotte and Angelika for our blog and talking to strange people (which is pretty scary for me!); Got back into fashion, started following all kinds of blogs and buying way too much clothing; Making an inspiration lookbook filled with pictures from magazines.

Most played albums:
She and Him – Volume One; Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago; Bowerbirds – Hymns for a Dark Horse; Coconut Records – Nighttiming; The Talles Man on Earth – Shallow Grave; Glee soundtrack (all of them!); Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – From Below; Jenny Lewios and the Watson Twins – Rabbit Fur Coat; Charlotte Gainsbourgh – IRM; God help the Girl – ST; Jens Lekman – When I said I wanted to be your dog

Glee; Twin Peaks; Dr. Who; Community; Smallville; Gossip Girl; Supernatural; Project Runway; How I met your Mother; Chuck; Bored to death; True Blood; The Big Bang theory; Battlestar Galactica
Sunset Blvd.; North by Northwest; Scott Pilgrim vs. the World; Exit Through the Gift shop; Stalker; Metropolis (with live music!); Fantastic Mr. Fox; Kick-Ass; Primer; Mary and Max; Where the Wild things are; Moon; Let the right one in (Swedish version)
Scott Pilgrim series; Catcher in the Rye; The Corrections; Watchmen; The Magicians, Shades of Grey; Dance, dance, dance.

Best purchases + gifts: 
Leather satchel from India that my sister bought me; Sewing machine from my parents, I finally learned how to make my own things!; Tim Burton Coffee Table book from my parents; my lace-up boots; Oh Comely magazine from Lotte; All of the other magazines I bought myself. Inspiration is priceless!; My long leather skirt.

Style obsessions and influences:
Bow ties; pleated skirts; oxford shoes (still can’t find the pair I want); lace-up boots; Big wooly jumpers and vests; Monki; Satchels; Peter Pan collars; Alexa Chung; Twin Peaks; Smallville, Rachel Berry, Velvet ribbons

Best things I did for myself: 
Stop worrying about lots of things; not finish my thesis and taking some time off ; Expanding my writing to non-fiction; Dying my hair with henna instead of hair dye. It feels so much nicer right now!

Things for 2011: 
Quitting my job and start writing for money; finishing my thesis; Starting my Master; Turning this blog into a tangible magazine; Traveling, reading and writing more and having even more fun!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Aah op die foto van jou en Dennis hangt er een sjaal/ t-shirt/ iets destructiefs in mijn lamp!

  2. Volgens mij is dat het shirt van Jochem... Gezien de kleur is het mijn sjaal of zijn shirt en het is niet van wol ;- )