zaterdag 4 december 2010

Blue socks on my douche feet

My boyfriend introduced me to the video’s of Nice Peter, because he knew I was going to love them. I guess I just have a weakness for charming guys singing funny songs with a guitar who are afraid of the dark. But Nice Peter is so much more than that.
A good way to get introduced to his video’s is by watching the Street Music videos. Nice Peter goes out on the street with his friend Kassem G, only bringing a guitar and tambourine, acting like real-life troubadours. They walk around L.A. and just start singing songs about people that walk by, sit on a bench or are making out in a park (I should say they were only lying on top of each other). Some people laugh about their jokes, others get upset, but as a viewer you’ll think it’s the best thing ever and you will want to do it yourself. Please watch the video:


They can be a bit mean and sometimes it feels a tad awkward, but they do make some catchy tunes! Some even grow out to full songs…


I love it that if the guy wasn’t such a douche, they would never have made this song. Creating your own downfall is always funny.
But making troubadoury songs is not all he does. The Nice Peter YouTube channel is filled with just video’s of him talking, showing off his fancy green and yellow sunglasses, checking viewer mail and using slow motion on anything and everything. And who can forget the epic rap battles of history, where real and fictional characters throughout history battle while rapping, the picture songs and the latest 'Fly like a G6’ Harry Potter parody.
There are so many video’s I would like to show, but the best thing you can do is just check out the YouTube channel yourself. It’s really fun to watch him interact with his audience, taking viewer’s suggestions in the Eco Imagination Viewer Challenge, responding to artwork they send him or just seeing how happy he gets when one viewer sends him a new guitar.
But what I like about Nice Peter is that most of all, he just seems genuinely nice. And as he says himself in the Shaycarl and the Shaytards video, we’re sick of terrible people being admired for being terrible people. Nice Peter is just nice and we like it!
This last song is my personal favorite, it’s really cute and extremely catchy. I’ve been singing it all day again…


3 opmerkingen:

  1. totally loving it! :D
    good start of the day!

  2. We should start everyday with a little Nice Peter!

  3. the world would be a lot happier and have more fun!