donderdag 2 december 2010

Things I love, Thursday

It is my turn to write about the things I liked this past week. My life is kind of busy, so there are a lot of things happening which I really like, but sometimes it is nice to remind yourself of the small things that made the week special.
- Hugging random Italians on the streets in front of ‘I love you’ signs. Not something I would do everyday, but the Italian guy thought the sign was asking for it.
- It has become so cold, but I don't care that much. As long as your clothing is warm enough, it is quite romantic. So I am wearing two pants on top of each other, nice leather boots, woolen sweaters and other things that keep me nice and warm. 
- I love to be able to eat swedish Daim-cake thanks to the Ikea. This week I got one from a friend of mine, just because it is the best cake ever.
- Watching pretty pictures on tumblr or blogspot..
- Getting books from colleagues who are brave enough to immigrate and can't take all their books... I got one written by Sandro Veronesi, I love Spanish writers so I am curious about this one. 
- Dancing native African dances for the first time and getting sore muscles on weird places from it. 
- Coming across nice pictures on the internet, which are just nice without any deeper meaning..:

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