zondag 19 december 2010


Everybody who’s been in London knows and probably likes the Camden Market.
Rotterdam, in an attempt to show off its creativity, now has their own version called Swanmarket, which includes shops that sell vintage, art, clothing & accessories and tasty treats. This weekend was a Christmas version of the lifestyle market, but the Christmas aspect was limited to Glühwein and the massive amounts of snow outside (my feet are still frozen!) To give an impression, we have some pictures and some links of cool sellers we saw today and luckily for you most of them have Etsy stores!

There was so much snow, people had built an iglo!
Empty houses were turned into a marketplace where several people could sell their creations. I really liked the leather bowtie necklace and chrochet jewelery from Van Rox. I have been trying to make a leather bowtie all night, but all I'm really doing is breaking my sewing machine (damn my hubris!). Another cool artist was Remona Poortman who makes twodimensional as well as threedimensional art. I love the drawings, but also the felt and leather teardrop necklaces

My favourite thing and what might be our new meeting place, was Rotabs. This is a stylecenter where  creative people can sell all kinds of things. You'll find big pieces of art like a stripped down slotmachine, but they'll also sell clothing, magazines and vintage! I was happy to find Mint Vintage, because Rotterdam really needs more vintage clothing stores. We'll probably write some more about Rotabs later, but just to give you an impression of the amazing things that are happening there we give you visual inspiration!

The most tasty scone ever at Lof der Zoetheid
They let you fill your own teabags!

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