donderdag 16 december 2010

Things I Love Thursday - Cosmic Love Edition

The Universe is mighty awesome. That is why it gets its own appreciation post on this Things I Love Thursday.
This article prompted it all.
“A group of scientists says they've found something else in the echo of the Big Bang. These guys start with a different model of the universe called eternal inflation. In this way of thinking, the universe we see is merely a bubble in a much larger cosmos. This cosmos is filled with other bubbles, all of which are other universes where the laws of physics may be dramatically different to ours.”
Alternate Universes! How amazing would that be? And if they exist, what might have happened when the Universes collided those four times? My fantasy goes in overdrive just imagining this. There have been so many amazing discoveries done by scientists the past few months that might change the way we see the Universe forever.

So here's to Cosmic Love!
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“It’s lonely out in space.”
— Rocket Man

“During the winter much of Yakutia experiences a temperature inversion which results in an unusual phenomena. When the temperature dips below minus 53° Celsius, you can often hear a soft whooshing noise like the sound of grain being poured. It is caused by vapour in one’s own breath turning to ice crystals in the cold, dry air. The local Yakut people call this sound “The Whisper of the Stars.”
Jonathan Safran Foer, Everything Is Illuminated

Galaxy Dresses by Christopher Kane

Cosmic Love

Wish on a star
Howl at the moon
Plan a holiday to a place where you can see the Aurora
Save for a future holiday in space
Marry an astronaut


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