vrijdag 17 december 2010

Say hello to the world

I always like seeing how famous people started out. Watching their first movie, reading their first book or listening to that first album. It is not always great, but you do always see the potential shine through. I decided to use this experiment on blogs we like so here you go, the first page of the bloggers we learned to love.

Style Bubble
(before you click the link, please turn off your music)
Starting out in March 2006 Susie’s first post explains what her blog will be. She’s not a fashion insider and will not post catwalk pics and won’t have any fashion scoops, but she’ll be a personal blogger, talking about her own sense of fashion and her take on the things she enjoys. She even put a song in the post to celebrate! I love it how she just started posting away, doing multiple entries a day and always being friendly. My favorite post is the last one on this page, where she talks about meeting a coworker in a ‘fashion-forward’ outfit. Now she’s known for being a skirt over trousers person, wearing layers and layers of clothing, someone we look at for inspiration when working with our own closet.

Style Rookie
The first post is short and to the point, she’s interested in high-fashion, neat websites and magazines. Comments are welcome. You actually have to go to page 2 to see some more posts, but that is where we hit the jackpot! The first pictures of Tavi and some of her friends. They just look to adorable! Also look at the top post, she’s finally getting a cellphone! When I think of how famous she became after this I feel really old…

Another Day to Dress up
Megan Stewart’s blog started a bit longer than a year ago with a simple picture of herself, showing her outfit and the word blog. There were no outdoor photo shoots with nice backgrounds yet, just one small photo for every look and lot’s of fashion pictures for inspiration. I feel like the first post here is not very representative for how the blog looks now. She looks a bit bored in it, but when you see new posts, she’s always smiling, the pictures are very nice and the outfits very inspiring. But if you look at the top of the page, this is already more the case, maybe she just had a bad first day.

The Sea of Fertility
The first post, in adorable broken English, is about a new children’s book Xiaoxi Zhang is working on. It has a great drawing of what looks like Little Red Riding Hood with the bad wolf. The rest of the page contains pictures of herself and some fashion drawings. No drawings of her own outfits yet, which is too bad, because they are my favorite thing on her blog!

Hannah and Landon
I really need to try this first post! Hannah explains how you ‘rag’ your hair, which means wrapping your hear around cotton rags to get really cool curls. Instead of doing a video tutorial, she does it with pictures, because an earlier try of this was supposedly unwatchable. This made me very curious and I wish I could have seen it.

The Little Deer
I love it when bloggers do an introduction post because you get acquainted with them right away. You know right away if they’re friendly or arrogant or nothing like yourself. Taylor Paige’s The Little Deer starts out with a short post explaining why she started a blog and apologizing for its appearance. It’s no nonsense but very friendly! The rest of the page is filled with pictures, two drawings ( one with an Oscar Wilde quote, jee!) and nice shoes.

Sea of Shoes
I haven’t been following Sea of Shoes that long yet and I was really surprised it started out as a mother/daughter blog. The first is an open introduction to all shoe addicts from Judy and Jane). There will be no doubt about it, they really love their shoes and are ready to share this with the world. Of course there will also be talk about other types of fashion, but their main aim are the shoes. This you see in every post on the first page. I do really like the cut-out pictures they did, it looks very crafty with the typewriter font!

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