maandag 16 mei 2011

Street art

It can make a whole day a little bit better when streets are decorated with funny stuff, that makes you snigger while walking by. I found some really cool pictures of street art, which are probably not very new art pieces, but in my opinion still worth sharing.

First of all, as a lace fan I wished all fenches looked like this.

Lacefence found at

I have been working at a store in Delft since a month now and in that month I learned that the city is known for its wrecked bikes that get trown in the water by drunken students. Every now and then a big truck with a special reacher is coming by to get them out. Not just a few bikes but a whole truckload full of them is covered from the water. It is very interesting to observe, but probably not as special as this:
New York bike, pictured by a facebookfriend
And then there is the work of artist Juliana Santacruz Herrera which brightens up the streets of Paris, by filling crackes up with wool.

Wool in streets found at