zondag 14 november 2010

We are finally online!

It took some hard deliberation and lots and lots of coffee, tea and chocolaty goodness, but we are finally online. Yeah for us!

The idea to start a magazine/blog sprouted on a day in Amsterdam over Monki clothing and really cool zines. Inspired by fun and pretty things, we figured we could give it a try and here we are! Wayward is about things we like and things we think you’ll like as well, you maybe just don’t know it yet. We’ll talk about books, music, movies, art, fashion and everything else we are interested in at the moment.

Picking a name turned out to be our biggest challenge yet. We already had the whole magazine figured out, but we just couldn’t decide on the right name. They varied from crazy alliteration to words no one had ever heard of. After three weeks of list making, irritated Google Waves and some more coffee, we finally decided on Wayward and we’re very happy with it!

The current team consists of three friends, Angelika, Esmée and Lotte. All coming from different artistic backgrounds, we form a good team with our own expertise. Our first issue will be about our favorite TV-show Twin peaks, cutting off hair and the qualms of making a first issue of a magazine. This one will be all us, but we would love to work with other creative people for our following issues (if you are already interested, and how can you not be, please mail us and we’ll get back to you).

The coming weeks we’ll be working hard on our magazine and we really hope you will like it!
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