vrijdag 26 november 2010

Things I love Thursday

The next time I wake up, I want it to be to the sound of you making coffee, with the warm, salty sea; its waves crashing over me.
— Seabear
This Sunday Seabear played in Bitterzoet in Amsterdam. They were absolutely amazing. Seabear must be the cutest band on the planet. They seem to have a blast on stage and to be real good friends. Even though the singer  stays in grumpy character during the whole concert. But maybe that's good, because it would be enirely too sweet otherwise.
Esmée and I gushed over the two talented girls in the band. Sóley and Ingibjörg. Inga has mad style and is an amazing violinist. Sóley has her own CD too. It’s called Theater Island and you can listen to it here. The violin on the CD is played by Inga.  

Other pretty amazing things were:
Wishing for a bag of candy and finding it in my pocket, these blankets! by Vík Prjónsdóttir. An Icelandic collective of designers, inspired by myths and stories from the past. They share a fascination for nature, believe in the beyond and respect the hidden world. Photoshopping with Esmée, looking forward to our street style shoot next Sunday (which will be scary and fun) check back for this next week!, boutiques.com - which is too convenient and makes it easy for you to find everything you'll want to buy on the Internet.

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