zaterdag 27 november 2010

Macarones and color coordinating

Today I had a nice discovery at my local supermarket. Christmas is almost upon us, which means nice food, glitter decoration and fuzzy feelings. My supermarket likes to get fancy during this time and stocks on elegant food like amuses, Belgian chocolate desserts and this year also Macarones! I got all excited about these delicious and colorful treats, so I bought them. I have to be honest here, I’ve never really eaten one before, but after seeing them in a ton of tv-shows, magazines and everywhere on the internet, I was pretty curious. These were filled with vanilla icecream, which is not the standard for macarones according to Wikipedia, but they are quite tasty! I’ve added a picture for your entertainment. I already ate two and decided to text my boyfriend about them enthusiastically, which made him want to eat them as well. Now I have to wait for him to come home, so we can share the rest.

They're just staring at me... Maybe I should just eat one more? 

These tasties made me think about how great arranging on color is. I love big color coordinated walls filled with books, clothing or more food. I’ve tried to do this with everything I own, but for some reason it never turns out as great as on the pictures. My books, dvd’s and even spices are just on alphabet, which is kind of boring, but it works. Arranging and organizing things makes me really excited, I can spend hours just rearranging things on made-up orders. I’m still hoping to get a job in a library so I can color coordinate the whole thing all day long.

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