zaterdag 20 november 2010

Virgo's Galaxy Dress

This month's British Vogue has given me a new obsession. It contains a horoscope photo shoot showing all the star signs in great outfits. The shoot, created by set designer Shona Heath and photographed by Tim Gutt is not only pretty, it also shows really cool clothing!
Even though I’m not a Virgo myself, I just love that Christopher Kane dress. It’s so pretty and dreamy! The galaxy print is just great, especially with the really pretty pink and purples. If only I could afford it or put it on my Christmas list… 
British Vogue December 2010
Christopher Kane S/S 2011

Off course there is the option of making something similar myself.  If anyone knows where to find fabric like this, please leave a comment. I'll be so thankful!

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