vrijdag 19 november 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Picture by Carly Hildebrant

It’s good for the soul to make a things I love list every single day. If you remind yourself of the pretty, delicious things is life, you will be happier. You will look for them when you are living day-to-day life and when reading them back, it’ll remind you of good times!
I’ll begin this Thing I love Tuesday with my inspiration for making this list: the amazing Gala Darling. On her website you can find 11 chapters of her book in writing and on audio. The subjects vary from manifesting yourself to being an International playgirl and starting your own business. I’ve ordered almost every single chapter. And it has cheered me up and inspired me so much. I feel like a totally different girl. 
So on with it!
Having the loveliest, kindest friend in the World. My fellow blogger Esmée brought me a box full of delicious cookies this Friday to cheer me up after I broke up with my boyfriend of 7 years. It feels so amazing to have someone around who is so considerate and sweet. 
Vanilla Rose tea from Dilmah. Lust Perfume form Lush with 'dirty jasmine' - rawr – Jasmine always inspires me and gives me pretty dreams, day dreaming about working in Canada for a year, seeing Seabear this weekend, Dust and Dessert zine, stars, deciding my style this year will be Space Cowboy!, seeing cozy couples – and old people holding hands, riding my bike to work, playing with my brother’s dog, Stereotypical Canadian Moose – because he is so .. Canadian, eh?

this video from Sarah Blasko - 'No Turning Back'
treehouses!, beautiful, magical pictures by (fashion) photographer Carlotta Manaigo, Matthew∙LyonsArt, this house – it’s amazing! This would be my absolute dream home, The Sabbath Manifesto - try it! Slow down, high five trees.

It's almost weekend!

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