dinsdag 23 november 2010

Little April March

The 1960's: a time of hippies protesting, the countercultural- and social revolution and the rise of feminism. It's in my opinion an interesting decade, where a lot of popular culture finds their origin.
Lately I find myself prefering the avant-garde 60's culture coming from France. The music is shameless while still bubblegum poppy, the movies are a bit boring but show so much style and the style-icons themselves are still an inspiration for modernday fashion. That must be what April March thought when she made (toghether with France 60's icon Serge Gainsbourge) the album 'Paris in April'.

April March on the cover of 'Chick Habit'.

April March, lepop.de
 The album actually came out in 1996, but sounds exactly how it would sound if it was made and produced in France in the1960's. Following stints with several bands, Elinore Blake launched a solo career under the April March guise and recorded material throughout the '90s and early 2000s, which hark back to the pre-rock days of European pop and French yé-yé music. It fooled me and I didn't believe it when my boyfriend told me this girl was born in 1965 in the United States. The second picture is pretty obvious a recent one, but if you look at the video below you will know what I mean.

The English version of this song, called 'Chick Habit' was used as a soundtrack for the movies 'But I am a Cheerleader' and 'Death Proof', so that is why it might sound familiar.

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