dinsdag 8 maart 2011

A week in the zoo: Monki Party and Swan Market

This Wednesday Lotte and I went to Amsterdam for the Monki Party. They were having a party to showcase their spring/summer 2011 collection and everyone was getting a 20% discount on everything! We decided to spend the entire day in Amsterdam and went to Restored to buy Frankie Magazine, which is a great magazine, but I’ll write more about it when I finish it. 

Lotte also bought Russh, another Australian magazine, at Athaeneum Newscentre (this is the best place to get magazines anywhere in Holland) and she bought really sweet smelling chocolate tea at Tea Bar, which is apparently delicious and even available online!

The Monki party was pretty fun. They had champagne, pink champagne, beer and non alcoholic drinks. There were two very female dj’s with very awesome moustaches and lots and lots of people. I’ve never seen a store that busy. We had to stand in line to try on the big stack of clothing for about half an hour and also had to wait the same amount of time to pay for them. But the 20% discount was worth it and we both bought some nice new items! I think it’s a really cool idea to have a party for the new collection and I hope they’ll do this again for autumn/winter.

Back in Rotterdam we went to the second edition of the Swan market. It was at Rotabs Stylecenter, which is an awesome location. The weather was delightfully sunny and the place was buzzing with people. It was nice, but we did think it was too bad that there weren’t that many new people there. We did off course, take some pictures!

Harmonica Necklace made by VanRox

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Fijne blog hebben jullie! Ik ben zo'n fan van Frankie magazine, jammer dat het maar in één winkel te krijgen is..

  2. Ik vind het ook echt heel jammer dat ze Frankie alleen in Amsterdam verkopen! Hopelijk wordt het snel bekender en gaan ze het overal verkopen! Je kan wel een abonnement nemen, dat is volgens mij ook goedkoper. Ik zit er zelf nog over te twijfelen...