woensdag 2 februari 2011

The Mood Board

Found on The Selby

"A vision board (or an inspiration board, or a dream sheet, or mood board, or any combination you like!) is a space you create where you pin up pictures, words, trinkets & anything else you find inspiring. Some people use them to remind them of the things they want to achieve, while others use them to aid them in creative projects or to help them keep looking forward."
Gala Darling

When my ex boyfriend moved out last week, I was left with a very empty living room. He took the Siamese Dreams girls from Belle and Sebastian, Mogwai and his creepy leather framed head with him, and the walls were just plain and boring again.

We also used to have a big memory board in our living room. Full of pictures of us together, him being a total nerd and tweaking his computer insides in his underwear, pictures of Canada and notes people wrote us. When he left, I emptied the board. I put everything in a box and the board in a corner.

Found on The Selby

I can't remember there ever being a time when I had a space all to myself and didn't cover the walls and door in pictures, cut-outs, notes and posters. But I wanted to refrain myself from making my walls look like an inspired hippy monster from kindergarten was let loose in my room again..

Picture by Rebecca
Picture by Kathryn

So I decided to put all the small things I wanted to have near me on my inspiration board/ mood board. My walls now look kind of normal. I only have a few of my pictures, pretty posters and two glittery reindeer on my wall - oh, and a huge Canadian flag that I bought more than ten years ago and which has been patiently waiting in a box since.

This picture was taken by LoveLaBoheme
I like my mood board. I like that I can change it easily according to my mood or goals, I like that it keeps the rest of my walls tidy and I love that every single thing on that board makes me extremely happy.

This is Sofia Coppola's mood board. It was featured in Vogue

There are so many reasons to keep a moodboard close to the place where you sleep, or work. You can use it for whatever reason you'd like. I use it to keep my eyes on the prize (Vancouver! because that's where I am moving to after I finish school) - with lots of pictures of how gorgeous it is and how happy I was there. But also little things to keep me motivated. Tiny notes people wrote me, one of those tiny cards with a fortune I loved from a Yogi Tea bag, polaroids, my old passport, a note from Santa on an envelope I received from Canada. 

This is my mood board - A lot of pictures from Vancouver and Toronto, old postcards, Benton Fraser and a super campy  GWAR sticker

If you make your own, keep in mind why you are creating one. It could be just to give your house just a nice personal touch, it could be to inspire you to make amazing things, or it could be a wonderful tool to keep your priorities and goals clear.  

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